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INFINii Review – Is This A Scam Or Legitimate Home Business Opportunity?


Thanks for reading my Infinii review!


I am sure you have searched all over the internet on social media and countless other places looking for information. In my review I will try to answer some common questions about the infinii opportunity ,as well as give you detailed info on the best team to join if you decide to work it. Even though I did decide to join and have the TopTeam in the company that does not mean you should join.


But let's review a few reasons why I did.


IINFINii Review - What is it about?

Did you know that Each year, more of the World’s consumers are shopping online? The INFINii™ model is simple; Sell high & Buy low, and once you understand the best ways to succeed, coupled with their automated software, your eyes will be forever opened to a remarkable new way to profit from home!

Many members have already sold more than 2.4 Billion US dollars with of products, earning them incredible profits in the process.

If you can use YouTube, you can use this platform, and it will open you to a World of eCommerce that you didn’t know existed. Forums will allow you to chat with other members of the INFINii family to help ensure success!

3 Platforms for you to choose from:

Prime Platform & Services - $49.95/month

  • Creating eBay account
  • Selecting an item to sell
  • (how to find items on amazon/overstock/much more)
  • Creating your listing
  • Managing a Sale
  • Post-sale customer support and Troubleshooting
  • Scaling and Managing your business
  • Creating eBay account
  • Using Amazon app
  • 1st Shopping Trip
  • Packing and Shipping
  • Bundling and Trend Strategies
  • Ungatin
  • Scaling Up
  • Creating Account
  • Listing Items
  • Special Strategies

Surge Platform & Services - $149.95/month

Access to all of PRIME Services

Advanced Analytics

  • Analysis and Strategies Training
  • Trends/Seasonal
  • Using the Software

Boosting Traffic

  • Targeting Facebook
  • Follow-up With Customers
  • Amazon PPC
  • YouTube PPC

Additional e-Commerce Platforms

  • Shopify
  • Woo Commerce
  • Big Commerce
  • Magento

Software: Analytics/Insights

Excel Platform & Services - $399.95/month

Access to all of PRIME and Excel Services

Training sales

  • Leveraging other sellers
  • Importing your own Products
  • Branded Product Series

Increasing Profits:

  • Cashback
  • Discount Management
  • Advanced Tracking and Sales

Software: Inventory Management Repricer

INFINii Reviews - Infinii Digital

INFINii members may chose to create and manage an ecommerce business with platforms like,, Google Shopping Network, and many others.

Members are able to leverage training and technology provided to identify trending and profitable products to sell and start developing an ecommerce business by selling these products at a significant profit margin.

INFINii Review - Infinii Services

Did you know that Global Freelance is about to become a trillion dollar industry? In the United States, one in three Americans are estimated to be freelancers... 50% of the full time workforce by 2020.

Users may choose to become an ecommerce qualified expert and receive an Ecommerce Expert Certification (EEC) allowing the graduate to become a service provider for their Partners that wish to own an Amazon/eBay ecommerce business without doing the work themselves.

How INFINii Services Can Help You

1. Receive your own EEC certification and create an additional income source by designing and running ecommerce accounts for  members.
2. Use a certified EEC expert to design and run your own ecommerce business so you may focus on other activities that interest you more!


This infinii review would not be complete without mentioning the springboards.For many people the  spring board is the most exciting part of the company.

It is designed to be a revolutionary ecommerce management service. SpringBoard provides users with pre-researched, negotiated items at manufacturer prices. These items can be sold on multiple e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping Network, Facebook, and even on INFINii’s own Marketplace.

Extremely low prices are generated from bulk purchases with trusted manufacturers.
Springboard users may choose the product(s) and price(s) they would like to list those items for and can use multiple options to drive traffic and sales including Amazon’s own FBA program, eBay, Facebook, Google Shopping Network and others.
The SpringBoard program does NOT drive traffic and sales for a user. That part of the sales process is handled either by the user, or by the ecommerce platform of their choice. Click here to add your email address and Name and I will send you more info => Click Here 

Infinii Review - Affiliate Rewards Plan.

The rewards plan is so amazing me simply writing here about it does not do it justice so click here and I will send you a Full Presentation along with a PDF overview.

Infinii Review - Why Join My Team? The TopTeam

I personally hate to talk about myself in this infinii review, but because you don't personally know me it's only fair to give you a few details on how I can help you.
I have been able to personally earn multiple six figures using the sister company DS Dominations resources.
I am also one of the original founders of DS Domination and have built a team that has grown to over 15,000 in just over 2 years. But the thing i'm most proud of, is the people that I have had the pleasure of helping find success on the TopTeam.

Click The Image Below To Learn more about my team 

Obviously every single question will not be answered in this one infinii review, but please feel free submit your name and email in the box below and check your email, It will have additional information.

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How To Join Jeff R White’s INFINii TopTeam – Special Bonuses Best INFINii Results

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